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06 February 2009 @ 10:37 pm
Who is cuter: Bret or Jemaine?
Um. Seriously? Who is cuter?

Way to scrape the bottom of the barrel, Livejournal.

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06 February 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Almost everyone coins or uses expressions that make sense to only a few people. What word or phrase do you use most often that you have to explain the meaning of to others?
Oh God. I could have my own dictionary.

Instrument case: bra.
French fry: f*ck.
Schnitzel: sh*t.
Trail mix: slut.

Et cetera.

11 January 2009 @ 03:12 pm
It's National Bird Day in the U.S. Do you think it's cruel to keep birds in cage where they can't fly freely or flock with others of their kind?
First, no I really don't think it's cruel. Second, this question is horribly biased. If this were on a survey, most people would say "yeah, sure". A more neutral question would be "how do you feel about birds in cages", or something similar.
11 January 2009 @ 03:10 pm
The eternal breakfast dilemma: Sweet or savory?
Both. Bacon and pancakes. Sausage and waffles. Crepes and... more bacon and sausage. =D
02 January 2009 @ 04:39 pm

The Writer's Blocks have a point. With the start of a new year, the only topic of conversation is, well, the new year. Rolling the Writer's Blocks for today, yesterday, and the day before into one post, this is what my family did.

New Year's Eve, we were all on vacation (with the exception of my mom) and all helped cook hors d'oeuvres (or, as my dad calls them, hores dervees) for the party later that night. I ended up having to go to the nearby grocery store for marshmallows, and I learned never to go into a checkout line behind a little old lady buying Meow Mix. She made the bagger go check the price on it... twice. Ugh. But after that, we went to a party at the house of a family friend. There was a lot of conversation, and food, and booze (that I didn't drink, except for a small midnight toast... and I will never do again because I cannot hold my liquor very well) and a bonfire. And fireworks. All in all, it was fun. We got home at 12:30 AM, to find my half-sister and her boyfriend waiting. We were babysitting my niece. Well... turns out her boyfriend is now her fiancee. Hm. I went to bed at 1:30, but apparently they didn't leave until 3 AM.

New Year's Day, I woke up feeling like crap (I told you I can't hold my liquor), and watched the Rose Parade. After that, we went to another family friend's house for New Year's dinner. My parents and grandma left at about 6, but the family friend offered to let us stay for a few hours. We were driven home at about 11, after a day of Scene-It, food, and Cranium. Yay!

The Writer's Block for today asks if I think my activities for yesterday will account for the whole year. I say, I certainly hope so! It was a day of fun, food, family, and no worries. Well, except for the feeling like crap part. Please, dear Lord, don't let that last all year.

Oh, and my New Year's resolution is to be a better student, daughter, and girlfriend. Here's hoping I do it!

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29 December 2008 @ 12:46 pm
Sometimes it's the thought that counts, and other times it's the thing itself. What's the best gift you've ever received, thoughtful or otherwise?
I can't think of the best, but I do know the worst one of this year. My grandparents didn't know what to get me, so they just gave me a $20 bill. Mind you, they are the king and queen of bad presents, so I gave them a specific list of gift ideas, all less than $20. It wasn't even wrapped, which is my favorite part about presents-unwrapping them.
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24 December 2008 @ 10:21 am
It's the time of year for "10 Best" lists. What's on your personal 10 Best—events, movies, music, anything—list for 2008?
10 Best Events of 2008 in no particular order
-Truth with the guard. It's like Truth or Dare, without the dares. (May)
-Spanish Competition (April)
-Academic Competition (April)
-Band camp (August)
-Disney Trip (May)
-Hearing Les Mis for the first time (June/July)
-GTC's Spring Awakening (July)
-Being asked out (October)
-Homecoming dance (November)
-First kiss (December)
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19 December 2008 @ 02:52 pm
The holiday season is a big time for box office revenues. What Hollywood releases are you looking forward to seeing in the theater this month? What would you not go see even if someone paid you?
I dunno. I'm trying to figure out what to go see next Saturday, though. Maybe either Bedtime Stories or Despereaux.
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14 December 2008 @ 08:44 pm
Happy birthday, Nostradamus. Many people consider the prophecies of Nostradamus to be uncannily accurate, while others remain skeptical. Do you think it's possible to predict the future?
I think it's possible, yes. I just think that, more often than not, predictions are too vague to interpret until it's too late.

For example, two nights ago, I had a dream where I was in a car, and there was a ring of colored light, and then a ring of red light. Last night, I was riding in a car, with a pair of light-distorting glasses on from Disney World, that deflected the light (or whatever you want to call it) into a rough ring shape. Looking at the headlights in the distance created a colored ring. Then, some jackass pulled in front of us. The red of his tailights made a red ring.

Two nights ago, do you think I'd have woken up and gone "holy crap some jackass is going to pull in front of us tomorrow"? No. It was too vague.

Also, a few months ago, I had one of those dreams. You know, the kind where it feels like you lived a whole day, because your dream started with waking up and ended with going to sleep? Well, I had dreamed the ENTIRE NEXT DAY of my life. Down to the little things, like tripping on my way to 3rd period and spilling orange juice on myself at lunch.
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12 December 2008 @ 06:23 pm
It's the full moon today. Almost every culture has its share of lunar lore, from werewolves to lunacy to true love. Do you believe that the full moon affects our behavior or do you think it's a myth?
I certainly hope not. Although, my sister isn't being all that annoying today... hm...
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